Bike for the Future ! Promotion of SDG and circular economy activities


We are three co-workers from Ricoh sharing the same values about ecology as well as the passion for sport and nature.
As we were searching for a way to contribute personally to the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and circular economy activities, we got the idea to travel by bicycle one of the recycled printer cartridge we are remanufacturing at Ricoh Industrie France to our distribution centre Ricoh Europe SCM at Bergen-Op-Zoom in The Netherlands.

✔️ It’s about self-transcendence and team spirit
A 750 kms cycling journey in 5 stages between France and The Netherlands promoting sport and a healthy way of transportation


✔️ It’s about education
Considering that SDGs will only materialize with the involvement of next generations, we are committed with 3 schools from France and The Netherlands, hoping that the symbol of this journey will create the ambassadors of tomorrow for a more responsible society. Our plan is to establish a pen pal programme between the schools from the 2 countries about their best pratices about sustainability.

✔️ It’s about circular economy
We will symbolically carry a Ricoh recycled cartridge from Ricoh Industrie France in Wettolsheim (the production site where we are working) to Ricoh Europe SCM (our European Distribution center) in Bergen Op Zoom (The Netherlands) to promote circular economy


✔️ It’s about partnership for a more responsible society
This journey is organized in September during the European Sustainable Development Week ( and the European Mobility Week (



✔️ It’s about passion !
Each of us can act personally for the pursue of the Sustainable Development Goals and a more circular economy-oriented society, let's share and spread our positive energy!



If you want to know more about our project and support us, follow us on social media and have a look to our crowdfunding space ➡️



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 European Sustainable Development Week 2021


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