Discussions and conviviality on the menu at the GENIE Ambassadors Speed Meeting

On September 27th, the GENIE.ch promotion committee organized another event during a morning meeting at Fintech Fusion in Carouge for the Ambassadors of the Network

As with the other GENIE events (meetings, workshops, webinars, etc.), the aim was for participants to share their experience and projects, while developing their network and identifying synergies in the region.

Talks given by the Ambassadors, representatives of companies and the public sector, opened up discussions with the participants, for them to express their needs and opportunities and to give thought to future actions of the Network and its community of Ambassadors.

Some of the speakers:

  • Thibaut Mercier & Michel Meyer from SIG
  • Rémi Merle, Secretary General of the association Eco-Citoyen ;
  • Alexandre Patti, Data Protection Officer, Certification Manager at Infomaniak ;
  • Kamia Tevaiana, Client Relations & Marketing at Réalise.


A Genie.ch ambassador is a professional in the region committed to the field of industrial and regional ecology, or a personality with a growing interest in this issue who wants to get involved. Ambassadors use the Genie.ch promotion committee to get involved in a project and become a Genie ambassador.

They are invited to take part in convivial discussions and are kept informed about new items or events on the platform and receive summaries of the articles produced. The most productive of these are highlighted, and the way they act presented as a model for others to follow.

To learn more, set up your GENIE account and visit the GENIE Ambassadors community !

Moderated by : Traduction Birdwell

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