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  • Guillaume de Morsier is an architect and urban designer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2010,  together with Valentin Kunik, he founded  KUNIK DE MORSIER ARCHITECTS, operating at the intersection of architecture, art and science. In 2012 they initiated the urban think-tank PARALLEL SPRAWL, investigating suburban areas in Kosovo and Switzerland. In 2018 the project received a grant from the Future Architecture Platform. They have recently been nominated for the Swiss Art Awards 2020.

    Guillaume studied at EPF Lausanne, TU Berlin and  ETH Zürich and graduated in 2009. He lectures, and has lead workshops at EPF Lausanne, HEAD Geneva, ETH Zürich, AA Visiting School Mittelmeerland, and Kosovo Architecture Festival among others.

    He is currently working on projects focused on the future of workspace and manufacturing, the development of new forms of habitat, and the ecological adaptation of urban and suburban territories. He is a technology enthusiast, passionate about new design methods, earth observation tools, construction techniques, geo and bio-sourced materials, resources management, urban ecology and environmental design.

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