Bois-de-Bay ecoPark: from a local energy concept to a feasibility study on industrial own-consumption groups

Quantitative benefits :


  • Demonstration of a photovoltaic facility potential as a self-consumption company for a production of 4020 MWh / year
  • A savings potential of CHF 1 million per year on the electricity bills of companies in the area through the photovoltaic facility potential

Thermal energy:

  • Demonstration of 6 decentralized supply options, including 3 priority ones (in order): geothermal, industrial waste and recovery of water from the Rhône. The last 3 options are not priority ones; they are biomass combustion, air-heat and solar thermal.
  • Four low and medium temperature heat network options identified
  • Two technological options for implementation identified; these can be added to the existing SIG project "Peney - Zimeysa wells - le Vergers eco-district" to make use of part of the existing infrastructure

  • Start date : juillet 2016
  • End date : avril 2019
  • Canton de Genève
  • Zone industrielle du Bois-de-Bay, Route du Bois-de-Bay, Satigny

Moderated by : Vincent Jay

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