Genilac: a major, sustainable energy innovation for Geneva

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  • Start date : avril 2016

Genilac is a 100% renewable innovative thermal solution, using lake water to cool and heat buildings in the centre of Geneva. See the project in pictures! SIG has been using the natural and local resource of Lake Geneva for ten years to cool and heat buildings of international organizations and companies in the Nations district (Genève Lac Nations). Building on this success, the hydrothermal system is being extended to the centre of Geneva, and companies and retail outlets will be connected in 2017. Through turnkey contracting, SIG guarantees its customers (hotels, banks, shopping centres, etc.) a highly efficient heat supply to meet their heating and cooling needs.

Check out the project video:

Qualitative benefits

Cold and hot energy from the lake is a renewable resource.

Quantitative benefits:

  • CO2 emissions reduced by 80%
  • Refrigerant gases with greenhouse effects no longer used,
  • Electricity consumption reduced by 80% and water consumption by 10% for cooling systems.

Stages of the project

  • The success of the innovative GLN project (Genève Lac Nations thermal system) using the deep water of the lake prompted it to extend the experiment to other districts of the canton.
  • The energy power is of the order of 10 times that of GLN network. 
  • An area with a high density of thermally efficient tertiary buildings.

Areas of activity

3 stages:

  • 2017: 20 MW
  • 2019: 60 MW
  • 2022: 140 MW
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