Network of shared workplaces in the Greater Geneva area

Quantitative benefits :

For the area

  • The inhabitants of Geneva brought closer to their places of work: reduction in travel and related greenhouse gas emissions
  • An emerging interconnected network of shared workplaces throughout the area, to revitalize the outlying areas of Greater Geneva
  • Collaborative spaces created: these are vectors of innovation for entrepreneurs and start-ups in innovative sectors, and resource centres for access to very high speed broadband or training
  • An initiative placing Greater Geneva in a pioneering position of excellence, increasing the attractiveness of the area

For employees/workers

  • Increased well-being at work through greater flexibility in workplaces and work times: saving time and reducing stress at work, increasing purchasing power by avoiding expenses, motivation through new working environments and social contacts
  • A web and mobile application ( to facilitate the use of co-working places (routes, payment, geolocation, professional networks)

For companies/employers

  • Supporting pilot companies to realize the benefits of new forms of work: property optimization, improvement of the employer brand, employee motivation and productivity, professional networks, creativity and innovation
  • A legal guide on teleworking and co-working in a cross-border environment published (
  • Easier management of the use of co-working spaces (billing, employee expense management, contracting) using the GOWO application
  • : Phase 1: CHF 230,000; Phase 2: CHF 655,000

  • Start date : janvier 2013
  • End date : décembre 2018
  • Suisse
  • Genève

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