The Aïre sewage works - Biology energy saving

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  • Start date : janvier 2014
  • End date : janvier 2015

“EASY” programme

The Swiss Agency for energy efficiency has developed the “Easy” programme as part of the “Prokilowatt” programme for drive systems.

4 “EASY” stages 

The first evaluation is carried out by the software “SOTEA” and is used to determine the energy saving potential in the facility. Then the “ILI Plus” tool carries out a more detailed analysis of the existing fleet of motors and highlights possible improvements. Finally, the motors with the best savings potential are measured in order to determine the necessary actions in detail.

Energy savings achieved

The electricity consumption of the Aïre sewage works is 26.6 GWh/year (2012). It was decided to start cleaning up the turbosurver control system, representing an installed power of 2 106 kW and a consumption of 14.1 GWh / year. A measurement and verification plan carried out in 2015 showed that an energy saving of 2.9 GW /year or 20% of consumption has been achieved.

Project implementation

The control-command system uses an innovative "fuzzy logic" approach that has made it possible to manage switching and tripping requirements in a more intelligent and beneficial way in terms of energy. Other areas for improvement were:

1) improvement of the regulation of the unit aeration flow in the basins

2) determination of the pressure setpoint sent to the air production system

3) elimination of unplanned outages and restarts

Key dates

  • Beginning of implementation:        January 2014
  • End of the works :                       Commissioned in July 2014
  • Final acceptance:                         January 2015

Technical challenges

The challenge of this project was, firstly, to keep outage time to a minimum during the integration work and, secondly, to ensure good communication between two independent driving systems that until now had been uncoordinated. Thanks to united, efficient project management and team work, we were able to keep to the budget and the planned deadlines, to the satisfaction of our customers.

The success of this project is the result of close collaboration between the Aïre sewage works, SAFE, SIG Installations, Amics, Siemens and IPRO.

Let's save together!

Qualitative benefits

20% of consumption saved

Stages of the project

“Easy” programme

Areas of activity

  • Beginning of implementation:      January 2014
  • End of the works :                      Commissioned in July 2014
  • Final acceptance:                       January 2015
 Efficacité énergétique
 Energy savings

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