The greenest data centre in Switzerland

Quantitative benefits :
  • Commissioning of this new data centre helped to obtain, in 2015, 50'001 ISO (energy management) and ISO 14'001 (environmental management) certifications.
  • The company's image has been enhanced, both internally and externally.
  • The new DIII data centre commissioned in 2013 by Infomaniak drastically reduces energy consumption through the use of a cooling system with filtered outside air and servers supporting high temperatures. Without reducing the performance of the machines, the computer servers in this new data centre operate without air conditioning. 

The DIII data centre is therefore considered a pioneer in energy efficiency and allows Infomaniak to provide ecological web and email hosting.

  • : 6 000 000 CHF

  • Start date : janvier 2013
  • Genève
  • 26 avenue de la Praille 1227 Carouge / Genève SUISSE

Moderated by : Vincent Jay

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