[Industry case] Intelligent traceability for complex products

This industry case is about a project tracing complex products, especially metallic high-temperatured products evolving in a complex environment. The goal is to identify automatically every product and to be able to locate them, thus answering the needs of metal transformation industry. In fact, this type of product can not fit with RFID sensors due to thermal and mechanical treatments, which makes it complex to work with.

The issue before implementing this solution was for workers to find the products on time when searching for them manually.
This solution offers a way to mark the product and to automize reading in order to access it through a monitoring tool.

Therefore, this solution offers a technical solution (digitization) to share operational information among the staff for more efficiency in the productive system.


To learn more about implementation of this solution as well as key skills and competences, results and recommendations, please find below the full case study

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