[Industry Case] Functional economy within Facility Management Services

This case study presents a transition towards functional economy for one company (Company A) specialized in maintenance of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Before implementing functional economy within this service, customers had to call technicians when a device was broken. Now, with functional economy, technicians control datas thanks to BI (Business Intelligence) and Big Data solutions.

Social benefits of this transition:

  • It increases customers' satisfaction,
  • It increases employees' satisfaction (within partners organisations),
  • It avoids lack of technicians if several breakdowns are to happen.

Environmental benefits:

  • It reduces energy consumption of partners

And it also enables savings on the economic level.

Company A is now offering an extended service where they not only ensure maintenance of the equipment, but also offer insights into current usage of the equipment and energy using BI technology via special management dashboards. Thanks to Big Data analysis, they send technicians before the customer even notices that something may be wrong with the equipment but also suggest change of usage in order to avoid wasting energy.

Company A has already observed profits generated by this transition, and has developped new key skills. To see these new key skills developed as well as the conclusion of this journey, please read the case below.

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