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  • At "4 Business 2 Development"​ (4B2D), we focus on innovation commercialization and business development. As you know, the success of selling is hard work, but it can be done in a smart way.

    Our clients are innovative companies and start-ups, they need to start or extend their commercial activity locally or export and they believe their new product-service will change their business (B2B) and offer a complet new experience to the user (B2B2C). 

    At 4B2D we believe strongly in innovation strategy based on a client centric solution approach : product + service + data management + smile = happy customer. You should think, ideate, design, test and listen again your customer to build your future business. 

    At 4B2D, we have an iterative approach (Lean) to about the company and its market, identifying strengths, opportunities, and focusing on aspirations and results. We help to shape your innovation and commercial strategy and boost time to market to an effective business results for the future.

    Our experience shows that most of the innovation comes from a smart mix of internal knowhow and talent with fast moving and listening capabilities.

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